Chyno y Nacho come back after three years apart with a new song, “Rare”


Jesus Miranda and Miguel Ignacio Mendoza -more known as Chino y Nacho– have returned to join to pull together a new song and video clip after three years of separation.

Under the direction of Daniel Duran and filmed in Miami, the duo has presented this Friday, march 13, the audiovisual of the song Rarewith the characteristic rhythms with which both had only a few years ago.

The performers, originating in Venezuela, they formed one of the duos most popular tropical music and with the passage of time became anthems songs as My Girl Nice, You in my Head or I’m falling in love.

In 2017, put an end to their union, artistic, and decided to continue with their careers separately while staged some misunderstandings in the media. But the artists have put an end to their differences, and during this week they had given clues about a possible reunion musical through the social networks. A news story that confirmed it themselves on Wednesday with a video in which I saw them working together on their new project.

The duo were reunited for the first time after their separation last year during the charity concert Live Aid for Venezuela, where he won the ovation of the public with its long-awaited hug on the stage.

During more than 10 years of career as a duo, they received multiple awards, including a Latin Grammy to “Better Album of Urban Music’.

What do you think of the new Chino and Nacho?