Conclusion with Windows 7, Laptops with Windows 10, it’s now at a very low price


Two months after the end of Support for Windows 7, many PC owners are still a major problem. In-Store and Online in the Games, you can find so many new, inexpensive laptops running Windows 10, and with the right kind of help for the transition. (In the view)

Buy a full or Upgrade: The switch to Windows 10 is easy

After a ten-year-old Was in Windows 7, Microsoft has ended at 14. January is officially ending Support for once-most-popular operating system. In other words, In the future, as Desktops and Laptops running Windows 7, you will no longer receive any Updates to the Software and the service of the client, we can’t help if you have problems. The biggest Problem, however, lies in the area of safety and security. Currently, the errors and shortcomings that are not fixed, which makes the Windows 7 Computer is vulnerable to viruses and Malware.
The Saturn Brochure, Offers, 2020The new notebook, or you can upgrade to Windows 10? With saturn’s help!
In principle, a PC with Windows 7 and will continue to work. The greatest risk to the security, shall not, however, give up on life. The first and easiest is to change to the current Microsoft operating system, Windows 10. If your old Desktop or Laptop, and an upgrade is out of the question, explain it to Saturn, and the German engineering consultancy, to a special action page for the end-of-Support for Windows 7. For many users, the purchase of a new Windows 10 Notebooks offers, however, be sold directly to the Online store of Saturn are particularly favorable.

The most popular laptop computers with Windows 10 and is now in the Saturn

Cheap Laptops for both beginners and price-to-performance-the-best-sellers

A new laptop with Windows 10, and the fastest SSD, do not have to be expensive, and that is to show, among other things, the models of the Acer Aspire series 3. The 15.6-inch display, an Intel Core i3 processor, the 10. Generation, up to 8 GB of memory and a 512 GB SSD at a starting price of 440 euros. Ports, USB 3.0, full HD screen and up to 8.5 hours of battery life, included in the price. Those who opt for one of the many heavily-discounted Laptop that is offered by a Saturn as well, the Microsoft Office 365 Home for one low price of only 59.99 euros.

The Saturn Brochure, Offers, 2020Classic-Acer-Laptops…
The Saturn Brochure, Offers, 2020…modern Microsoft 2-in-1

In the same way, the Trend of the New Convertible, known more commonly as a 2-in-1. Join the world of “classic” computers, laptops, Tablets, and modern. For starters, the compact Microsoft Surface Pro to Go offers, including the Type of Coverage, for just 549 euros, while for the more demanding user access to the Lenovo IdeaPad C340. The latter provides up to 850 Euro for a fast processor-quad-Core Intel Core i5 Chip, 8gb of RAM, and a 512gb SSD, along with a 14-inch IPS display and a dedicated Nvidia GeForce MX230 graphics card. A touch more Premium, it also promises to have your brand new Microsoft Surface windows Pro X with the newly announced SQ1-processor.

Decide now to change from Windows 7 to the modern-day Windows 10, the risk, and, therefore, to be on the safe side. The Update is available on the cheap laptops for a short period of time in the Online store of Saturn.

Now, in Windows 10 you need! With a Laptop computer for the bargain price of a Saturn

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The Microsoft operating system, Windows 7, Software, Support, EOL, End-Of-Life

The Microsoft operating system, Windows 7, Software, Support, EOL, End-Of-Life
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