Critical, The second season of ‘Just before Christ’ improvement, but it still remains untapped


I think that ‘Just before Christ’ is one of those series aimed at a specific audience, in the sense that, although they are addressed of course to all the spectators, they just tend to appeal to those lovers of silly humor. This series is a perfect mix between this kind of humor, and black humor that increases considerably in the second season.

In these new episodes, Manio is still trying to get a great feat because the shadow of his father, “The Magnificent”, he continues to pursue, a fact that will not be easy because, without the need to warn about spoilers, it is evident that the character is the only thing that will do is enrevesar all situations due to the “clumsiness” that he attributed to the character and that is where the maximum tone comedian of the same.

Scene of the second season of 'Just before Christ'

On the other hand, She will continue hiding her father, the general, that they are in a war and will take command next to his daughter, Attica. While Agorastocles, the slave of Acilius, will develop that facet of leader that has already showed slightly in the first season, spreading a little bit of Maniothat will lead to conflict between both characters.

Beyond this, we encounter with ufos, a flu epidemic, visions of the future, betrayals,…, that is to say, as I said at the beginning, a perfect blend between humor, absurdity and black humor. That, in addition, has gone up a level in this second season as they have managed to combine more clever and dynamic in the first season.

But something is missing

But a lack of dynamism is what makes this series does not end up exploit. The approach of the series looks like the comedy roman perfect, however, when you see it not finished curdle, in the sense that you hope that you find it to be a lot more entertaining than it is.

With this second season, the introduction of more action in the scenes linked to that combination of moods has made the series get to improve something in the part of the entertainmentthat will provoke laughter in many scenes, and that is the point of incredulity to see that they have all this type of series.

Scene of the second season of 'Just before Christ'

In addition, it has been a great success to introduce “dramatic scenes”, that is to say, include parts of the history of the characters that are more profound and even touching at timesespecially at the end of this second batch of episodes to empathize more directly, in particular, with the character of Acilius. One of the weaknesses of the first season was such a succession of comic scenes based on the absurdity that, even though they had thread, did not follow a clear story that could reach the viewer, and with this second season certainly have been remedied.

Ave, Manio

Another noteworthy aspect of this series is the great interpretation of their actors and actresses, especially from Julian Lopez, whose role comes as ring to the finger, seem to have been designed for him. Equally, the rest of the actors and actresses in both main and secondary, they do a great job giving life to each one of his characters, each one in his style.

Use silly humor when you incarnate a character I think that is a difficult task, at least seen from the outside, because there is that to give it that perfect spot of humor in which you will see the point of surreal, but that does not happen. And in the case of the actors and actresses this is achieved with a vengeance.

Scene of the second season of 'Just before Christ'

In short, the second part of ‘Just before Christ’ has climbed one step and has opted for enter to dramatic situations, more action, and surrealist elements giving the whole a dynamism that is needed with respect to your first seasonbut that still doesn’t just give enough so that the series comes to exploit the all. Six new episodes loaded with humor.

The second season of ‘Just before Christ’ premiere Friday, march 13 at Movistar+.

Note: 7

The best: The interpretation of the actors and actresses that give life to the perfection of that mixture of humor characteristic of the series.

The worst: You still need a little more energy.