Criticism, ‘The lives of Marona’: All the love that can be given


The animation film has always proven to be an inexhaustible source of creativity, for example filmmakers such as Jan Svankmajer, Eiichi Yamamoto, Michel Ocelot or Hayao Miyazaki. The French industry has shown over the years a sensitivity to authorial exceptional in the form of animation, example of this are the recent premieres of ‘Dilili in Paris’ (2018), ‘Where is my body?’ (2019), ‘The swallows of Kabul’ (2019) or ‘The famous invasion of bears in Sicily’ (2019). Now it is the turn of ‘The lives of Marona’, a heartwarming and a great story that sucked already to become one of the masterpieces of animation contemporary european.

The lives of Marona

Anca Damian starts revealing the end of the movie, the fate of his character, Marona, a lovely dog, that will be the voice overs that narrate the various lives that he has had throughout his lifethat includes all the owners it has had. The filmmaker Romanian back to splurge an incredible creative, with a style of animation surreal that shuns rules and canons to conform to what the director, with script, Anghel Damian, you want to tell.

A wonderfully visual and a story endearing

Moreover, in several scenes, the animation fits the look of Marona and how they perceive the rest of the world. In fact, the dog is the only character whose design just several throughout the film, showing a coherent evolution, allows the rest of characters, as well as the different scenarios, are the dessert of the imagination of its producer. Damian returns to prove that it is one of the voices most interesting scene of the animation european, in addition to having scored an own style, that could be seen in the magnificent ‘Crulic, the path to beyond’ (2012).

The lives of Marona

With an animation style is surreal, the film manages to channel the emotions of his protagonist in an exceptional waythe script of Damian manages to blend in with what, in theory, should feel like a dog. On that basis, Marona sees life in a simple way, determined to give and receive love and affection, something that will be seen in the whole plot, which follows with great consistency the evolution of Marona, formerly called Sarah and Anna. It is more, despite the fact that the audience knows already the end of the film beforehand, you’ll want to know how it has reached that point, to see the past of the dog, learn about his life.

It is impossible not to want to Marona

And there emerges the interesting backdrop of the film, your character evolves in a coherent way, according to a logic that is barking. So are its various owners that offer that look to the public adult will appreciate, in which Damian makes a hard criticism to a society in which pets are abandoned, treated as objects, and, worse, abused. The way of roses of Marona is full of thorns, but even so, you are faced with a protagonist who’s just looking to be happy and have love. In that sense, the film invites a reflection about the relationship of people with animalssomething essential to understand the target audience for the film.

The lives of Marona

On the other hand, Damian does not hesitate to show that, first of all, the film is a production of the author, showing from the beginning the tragic fate of his heroine. Avoid showing the darker side of the human being to the smallest of the house will not help them to see the consequences of acts such as those already mentioned (abuse or neglect of animals).

All this makes ‘The lives of Marona’ in a feature exquisite, full of humanity, heart-wrenching, but tremendously wonderful. A new achievement of the animation european, that becomes, without doubt, one of the titles essential to the actual gender. Damian, perhaps one of the few female figures in a matter of animation european, signing a new achievement in filmmaking.

Note: 9

The best: It is impossible not to fall succumb to the charm of the sweet Marona.

The worst: Their limited pass for movie theaters, especially on dates very hard.