Eiza Gonzalez arrived to the premiere of “Bloodshot” as well as “little red riding hood” ¡OMG!


Eiza Gonzalez still attracting stares from all over the world, due to its beautiful figure, and proof of this was during the premiere of the Hollywood movie “Bloodshot”; the beautiful mexican actress was showcased as a “little red riding hood” gown with a transparent red color.

Accompanied by the Hollywood actor Vin Diesel, who is the protagonist of the film “Bloodshot”actress Eiza Gonzalez, he proved that he is a celebrity of the big screen to go with an elegant and sexy red dress brightly.

The mexican actress to his short career, he has worked on projects such as “Lola, once upon a time”, “true Loves”, but the great success in the Hollywood Eiza Gonzalez, and we get to participate in the film “Baby Driver”.

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The premiere of the film “Bloodshot”, directed by David Wilson, was held in Los Angeles, but the presence of Eiza Gonzalez left spellbound to the present, who have not lost the opportunity to take photographs, due to the sensual dress red transparent I was wearing.

Eiza Gonzalez boasts daring dress

For the premiere of “Bloodshot”, the actress Eiza González decided to wear a sexy dress transparent red of the designer Christopher Kane, the garment accentuated to perfection the silhouette of the famous, because it looks more beautiful than ever to his 30-years of age.

Eiza González to his step on the premiere of the Hollywood film “Bloodshot”, and wear a daring dress transparent red, the famous wore their hair with waves and a makeup discreet, your faithful admirers they did not resist in flatter how beautiful was the mexican actress.

Actress Eiza Gonzalez ever since he came to Hollywood, has had a drastic change in her figure; the famous on several occasions has been captured with a bold sportswear, revealing his marked abdomen.

Photo: Publinews.