Emilia Clarke wants to do something stupid and silly, such as ‘The Avengers'”


Emilia Clarke comes ready to make friends. The actress has not be seen in the screens since it premiered in the romantic comedy ‘Last Christmas’ in November. Much further away is the end of ‘Game of Thrones’. And although now you will find a few shoots to those who join, blame the coronavirus, yes that has commented in a recent interview what you like to do.

Hulk and Emilia Clarke

I want to do something absolutely stupid and silly, such as ‘The Avengers’ or something like that. Something that I can have a laugh with my mates”was a response to The Times. An unfortunate choice of words to want to say, rather, “something light” at the level of interpretation. Maybe Marvel fans are not very by the work of welcoming it with open arms in the “stupid and silly” Movie Universe Marvel.

Poison for the blockbusters

Clarke is no stranger to blockbusters or franchises, although I haven’t had much luck of time with them. It became the new Sarah Connor in ‘Terminator Genesis’, a film that cost over 150 million dollars and grossed around too tight $ 440 million at the box office worldwide. Then he tried his luck in a galaxy far, far away with ‘Han Solo: A history of Star Wars’. The prequel had a pretty rugged and a budget of 275 million dollars, and ended up raising only 392 million dollars. Little, more still when it is a film with the label ‘Star Wars’.

At present, Emilia Clarke is located in london’s West End performing ‘The seagull’the classic Anton Chekhov. If you were casting directors at Marvel Studios, what role do you daríais to the former Khaleesi?