Endgame, Scarlett Johansson was concerned, the scene of his death


In the course Avengers: Endgamethe biggest commercial success of all time, Natasha Romanoff of Scarlett Johnasson sacrificing himself to the Bud of the soul, and save his best friend, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and the rest of the universe.

Some fans are shocked by the sudden decision and instinctive character, and the actress during a recent interview she admitted that she had originally voiced, their concerns, and in the upper floors of the Marvel Studios: as you may know the scene had to prevent an attack by Thanos and his soldiers, and a fight between black widow, hawkeye, and Captain Marvel in an attempt to is, first, that Thanos, the contract for the Bud.

But the actress has also added some details, revealed the presence of creatures, which he described as a “army of monsters in the style Dissennatori“that you she was afraid, she was afraid, the youngest audience in the franchise. In his words: “I thought: ‘parents will forgive us, never to enter one of these creatures“.

So, of course, the monster must be impressive really. Among other changes, the Avengers: Endgame for not to impress too much on a young audience, we remember, the deletion of the scene in which Thanos decapitava Captain America of the past, and threw the severed head to the Avengers, in this (as a warning), and even the death of Iron Man, whose face initially would be completely obscured by the power of the glove of infinity.

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