Entered in the clinic. The infanta Elena and the video that revolutionizes Spain in hours


March 13, 2020
(13:24 CET)

The latest rumors indicated that Froilán and Sea Towers they had taken separate paths. A news that would have gladdened the infanta Elena, who does not see with good eyes your child’s relationship with the influencer despite the fact that his family has no economic problems. But the sister of Felipe VI, has been brought a jug of cold water. They want to and they continue together.

Sea Towers has become very famous in the universe Save for its constant aesthetic touches, rather than by the relationship with the son of the infanta Elena. He has lost count of the times that Torres has gone under the knife. The young man is subjected to two rhinoplasties to not be satisfied with the result of the first. A few months ago showed how proud they felt of their current nose.

It is known that Sea Towers has become to pass by the operating room these days, but the reason is unknown. It has been discovered thanks to the account of Instagram’s center, who has released a mysterious video where you can see Sea Towers. It appears the influencer dancing with your surgeon. Very happy and almost not able to move any muscle of his face. Reminds a little of the Duchess of Alba. It is what happens when you spend with the operations.

Sea Towers with Froilán

“NOW YOU WILL BE IN THE MOUTH OF ALL!”, begins in this way, in case the post. “A visit that could have been routine ended in slaps and a good pace, giving a touch of joy flamenca”, continuous. For now, do not just fit all of this of flamenco and the aesthetic surgery. The clinic announces that “soon” unveil “the unknown” and ask questions to their followers: “What is the real reason for your visit? Why is so happy and smiling?”

Within a few days he will reveal the mystery, while this comes very well to the clinic to advertise. We are not surprised that you are so happy.