Eve Online: it’s easy to sense to the reader, for the cost of a 16-year advanced 4000 Euro


It is a very large, light weight, can be in the virtual worlds, the bse effects. The Community for Eve Online, it’s a case of the fr, the excitement, the players Were in the amount of Eur 4,000, which he had purchased from the Beginning of the game, and in a very short period of time in which the pe is always lost today.

If you are not careful enough, the world of Eve Online, it can be very dangerous

Eve-Online since its Inception in 2003, and for the loyal confidence of the community. This is due to the fact that it is a game of individual players, it is possible to collect the Issues, which have both virtually and in the real world, for a great price. A player with the Alias of the Lactose Intolerance, I had been heavily involved in over the last 16 years, with a focus on the collection of valuable projects and Issues, with a value of 4,000 Euros. They are gone now, at a stroke, a fact that encourages the Community to, among other things, on Reddit, a wild debate.

The clear majority opinion of the observers, an Intolerance to Lactose, I had been asleep, with its valuable collection of the all-too reckless to well-known hazards of the game, and the two fundamental errors were committed:

The player had loaded the entire collection into a vessel for the transportation of a type-Killer. They are considered to be too slow and ill-armed, and, in fact, they are used primarily for the Transportation of large quantities of minerals, the loss berschaubare the consequences.

In a way, the player has moved through a part of the world of the play and drives it through a Computer that is powerful as well as protected, it must have been, but it’s a Journey that has just a little bit out of this well-known route of commerce, in fact, experienced dealers, in order to avoid the Eve-Online, with a valuable cargo, such as drift.

The consequence of this was Lactose Intolerant and was attacked on his way, and the payload of the space shuttle, along with a call for him to have destroyed for ever.

The co-operation reporting it to the word

How to play the star reported, now, according to the president of the company in the merger, the Lactose Intolerance I had heard of the word, in order to let all the comments from the Community, and the Reasons for the low weight, something to put a stop to. Thus, the player is not a “Credit Card Warrior”, so that a user who has bought the big amounts in the game with real money. In spite of this, the Lactose is Intolerant of, an ‘ a little bit older, but it’s very, very self-willed Gentleman.” After the incident, the player will have to leave the Corporation, and on the Eve of a career-ending.

Space, Eve, Online, Ship, A Killer Whale

Space, Eve, Online, Ship, A Killer Whale
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