Fedez: Jennifer Lawrence is with his erotic dream, and starts a poll


Fedez, around Los Angeles, and was under his erotic dream, Jennifer Lawrence, and his wife, Chiara Ferragni: undecided, launched a survey.





Jennifer Lawrence the dream is erotic plaintiff Fedez. This time, however, a it was necessary survey because in the distance of a few meters, it was both: the woman of the dreams and the woman Chiara Ferragni.

The rapper has never hidden that their “passion” for Jennifer Lawrence. Whether it is paid or not-this is something that we will never know, neither what you think Chiara Ferragni. Even just a few hours ago, but, Fedez, in a difficult situation. At the moment, the family is the Ferragnez is located in Los Angeles, where Clear bought the house a few years ago, and where engaged is often the case in events, for the work. Just yesterday, the fashion influencers noted in this L. A. capsule collection, designed in collaboration with Lancôme, and the man has to reach it.

Arrived in the store, but she found herself between two hardcover what Lawrence and his wife. Taken from the indecision, Fedez a poll on Instagram started: “I’m undecided between her and her. What can I do?“, and proved, first one and then the other woman of his dreams. After 9 hours, the survey gave the answer: Jennifer Lawrence was proud, but at the end, to win with 53% of the votes, was the wife Clear.