Galilea Montijo: So did the brother of Jenni Rivera at the sight of the conductive


The conductive Galilea Montijo caused a stir on social networks after starring in a very hot-button during the program “Today” of Televisa, since the presence of the brother of Jenni Rivera, left riveted to the famous.

John Rivera, brother of Jenni Rivera, began to coquetearle to the conductive Galilea Montijo, who did not resist to the charms of the famous, even he took the occasion to spend a very romantic during a fun section.

The driver of the morning of Televisa was a little nervous by the presence of the brother of “The Diva of the Band”, who also was somewhat embarrassed to be very close to Galilea Montijo.

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The brother of Jenni Rivera, was participating in the fun-section “Sing the word”, where the famous did not miss the opportunity to spend a romantic theme to Galilea Montijo.

Brother of Jenni Rivera in love with Galilea Montijo

In the fun section of the program “Today”, was also one of the sisters of Jenni Rivera, who also was amazed by the looks very flirty he sent his brother to the host of Televisa.

The brother of Jenni Rivera began to make its interpretation in the dynamics of the morning, but something that is not expected by the other drivers and invited guests, was that Juan Rivera grabbed my hand to Galilea Montijo.

The brother of “The Diva of the Band” he confessed in a full program of Televisa, that to be near the beautiful presenter puts him very nervous, because he could not continue singing the song.

Galilea Montijo has become one of the drivers preferred the early-morning “Today”, because in addition to possessing a spectacular beauty, their faithful fans have been fascinated to see the looks that used in the broadcast of the program.

Photo: YouTube.