Gema Lopez takes out the trash (without wanting to) of María Patiño (and smells) that sucks) ¡Eye to this!


Gema López and María Patiño

March 13, 2020
(11:45 CET)

The last to try his luck as a presenter has been Gema Lopez, who is experiencing a major career change. The career of the tertuliana is on the rise. From twenty years ago is linked to the world of the heart, even though he began on the news of Telecinco.

Gema Lopez presentsSince a couple of weeks Gema Lopez is responsible for introducing the first version of the space, Save me a Lemon. After it is replaced by Jorge Javier Vázquez, who is incorporated in Save Me Orange around five in the afternoon. This work was carried out Kiko Hernández, although it now sits with the rest of collaborators. He is only responsible because of the version Lemon Wednesday.

Since it was extended one more hour the supply of Save me, with the end of PasapalabraJorge Javier Vázquez, the presenter holder, are absent during the first hour of the space every time he touches drive the program. It is the only one still getting only four hours.

Before you put to a presenter or host fixed, producer and chain took the decision to rotate the position to the draw. In no time you touched Gema López. It only took the helm a few minutes last July 26, when Jorge Javier Vázquez left in the middle of the program to go to ask the newspaper vendors on Madrid when magazines Hello have been sold on the occasion of the wedding of Belén Esteban.

This appointment has distanced itself to Gema López de María Patiño, who feels jealous of his friend because he sees that it has been left alone to collaborate within the space. Luckily, the galician has their own program on the weekends.

Much has been made of the poor relationship that currently exists between the two partners. However they have tried to deny it all.

The two became close friends when they collaborated on Where you’re Heart. During all these years have maintained the relationship, but it seems that for some reason would have cooled down. Last week we spoke in detail of this topic with the two present. Was Kiko Hernández who brought the issue to the fore. María Patiño spoke clearly.

“[Gema] This is my friend, I adore her and love her. Now we do not for the various professional projects that we have. The reality is, but if I have a problem, the first phone number that I will call is the of Gema Lopez and has shown me that it is there”so blunt has defended the journalist’s friendship with his friend and colleague, and also wanted to make clear that you know the topic you are investigating: “We know that the research team has called to see our behavior”, ensures the collaborator.

“I think that there has always been a certain zeal that I see positive and of a certain pique. Because they are two people very good at their work but I don’t see the wickedness of my wickedness. I think that there’s rivalry”it was noted that Antonio Montero defying the words of his companion.

“I since I got back, I saw that Maria Patiño and Gema López are each time more distant. Seen from the outside, I see a lot more distance, a lot more disputes, more arguments”, he remembered Kiko Matamoros.

“There are personal situations that my type of life, my freedoms, I have a social life that does not tally much with the Gem, because it has some obligations that prevent you from making the life that I do.”said Maria Patiño, referring to this as a possible explanation for the rumors to be unfounded. The presenter says they have tastes very similar but also very different.