Geraldine Bazan stars in ardent session of photos and their fans go nuts


Geraldine Bazán has raised the temperature of social networks thanks to a couple of images that he has shared on his official Instagram and which belong to a daring session of photos that was some months ago to show off the spectacular figure who possesses 36 years of age.

The beauty and sensuality that characterize Geraldine Bazán the have become one of the single most sought-after in the midst of the spectacle of mexican and with these daring photographs recently, he has shared from his profile Instagram we can realize that there is no fault to include this talented actress on the list.

Geraldine Bazan enjoys a stunning popularity in the social networks because their charisma and simplicity that has been transmitted on the screen since he began his artistic career in television has allowed him to win the affection and the unconditional support of millions of fans.

Geraldine Bazan stars in ardent session of photos and their fans go nuts.

The fiery session of pictures of Geraldine Bazan

On this occasion the knights have been able to enjoy the pupil with a pair of bold images that Geraldine Bazán has shared in Instagram and which belong to a photo shoot I did a couple of months ago with Wil Acosta, a well-known photographer of colombian origin.

Geraldine Bazan has posed in front of the lens of the camera with a tiny bikini in blue that highlights the spectacular figure you have and you without a doubt mad at more than a knight; the sexy outfit was complimented with a jean jacket that rests on their shoulders.

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The sensuality that radiates Geraldine Bazán in this pair of photos has managed to captivate all of your followers and for that reason it is not surprising that in a short time the talented actress has received thousands of compliments where you will appreciate that agree with this type of images.

Photos: Instagram @geraldinebazam

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