Gnome-3.36 “Gresik”, a Desktop Linux on a new Project


The Gnome 3.36 “Gresik” the GNOME Foundation is a new Version of its free Desktop environment for operating systems based on Linux and Unix operating systems. The revised interface to be more elegant, easier, and more user-friendly. In addition, the system has been improved in a dialogue.

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Gnome-3.36, according to the official press Release, in recognition of the dedicated members of the organizing team of the GNOME desktop.The summit of the asia-2019 in the official’s annual meeting in the year 2019, in Indonesia, Gresik, to be the head that was done by the name of “Gresik”, such as in the Indonesian province of East Java.

The Gnome is 3.36, the Foundation carries out an extensive Overhaul of its working areas, which include the so-called Core Apps such as a calendar, a calculator, or a desktop search in the system settings, user management and the Log in Screen.

The extensions of the Desktop, is hosted on the Gnome 3.36 right now, in a place specially provided for this purpose, the Extensions of the Application and not hide it inside of the management Software.

With the new system of dialogues, which have been updated with more readable fonts, magazine, and group notifications as well as a more clear understanding of the center of notifications, the menus, the Gnome project puts its main focus is on productivity.

The Changes to the Shell environment in the area of the Work specified in the Foundation on their development Blog.

Gnome-3.36 needs to be more intuitive and easy-to-use
Gnome-3.36 it should be even easier and more intuitive to use (image: the GNOME Foundation)

Gnome-3.36 it does not interfere with the

In the workplace, and the operation of the policy-makers to place a high value on Experience in the area of the Job site, and to Linux, 3.36 does Not have donated an all-new “do Not Disturb”(dnd) mode, which is associated with the button can be turned on in the notification center, and then all of the notifications that you receive for a better “work-Life Balance” stuff.

The Extensions Of The Application, 3.36
The Extensions Of The Application, 3.36
So As Not To Disturb 3.36
So As Not To Disturb 3.36

Of virtual machines, to make the best use of the

The Application in the Boxes, and with the help of the virtual machines, you can quickly and easily create offer in the release Version 3.36 for a Tutorial for absolute beginners, and support for booting from UEFI, as well as the proprietary drivers for your video card from Nvidia.

As the developer announced it to be the default Gnome Desktop, 3.36 timely information on the official repositories of the Linux distributions that are available for you to Download.

The “Rolling Release” of Arch Linux, however, it is the first operating system that runs the Gnome-3.36 has already officially in the Repositories.