Google wants to create the Pixel to 4 and a failure


For a long time, the camera of the Google phones were the market leader. For the Pixel 5 and is back to normal, and as you now discovered a Feature in the show. The pixels in the 4th, however, it is not a breakthrough performance is to be expected.

Image source: GB – Google-Pixel-4 XL

Google-Pixel-5: the Better the quality of the video recording of planned

A lot we still don’t know about the Pixel 5 is present, Google is in the fall after 2020, as the successor to the 4 pixels in size. The Application Google Camera is now according to the experts at XDA Developers, but it’s a clue to find out what the group could, in the future, for example, when a Pixel of the 5 projects. To all appearances, the future of the mobile phone, you should be able to accommodate you with the Google, finally 4K video at 60 frames-per-second. There has been a failure in the Pixel 4 in the XL). Here’s the conclusion, then, is the maximum resolution at 30-frames-per-second.

In the competition for a higher FPS (frames per second-the number of 4K Videos. Google would have to risk in new areas, but it’s just to show you what is in the Tophandys by Huawei and Samsung, have long been a reality. The Samsung Galaxy S20-Ultra recording 8K resolution is already possible, but it’s an experimental Feature, and with only a 24-frame-per-second.

Google might kick it up to 5 pixels, only the video recordings, but also at the various lenses on the back of the set. A photo that shows a prototype of the Pixel 5, and to be referred to the three cameras on the back. On to the next Pixel in the 4th, however, it is to be expected from a lens that allows you to drop in for pictures up to 12 MP. For the Video below, Google cell phones, there is still no news of the pixels in the 4 (XL), and it is not likely to happen, though.

All of the information for the Pixel in the current Generation, here is the Video:

Google phones: your Feedback is clearly

Google is well aware of the fact that you want to create, and to be happy with the 60-frames-per-second high-definition Video. It has also been confirmed, more recently, as a product Manager, Isaac Reynolds, in a Podcast on the Brink. The Feedback “loud and clear” to Google, he said. This, in turn, had fueled rumors that Google would be the 60 FPS Videos, as well as through the Upgrade of the Software to the Pixel 4 (or the XL) to allow. The group has not been reviewed yet. In addition to this, the last Feature of the “Drop”), which is distributed to the pixels by-owner, 4K recording at 60 frames-per-second without speech.

Like a larger Version of the pixels 4 in the Test chamber, find out the distance in the picture:

Pictures of the match(19 images)

The Pixel 4 of the XL camera Test: the Google-mobile must prove that

Google will then display to the Pixel, 5 Pixel and the 5 XL is expected to be in October of 2020 for members of the Public. As usual, the set of pixels from the First to the most recent Version of Android, will be equipped with Android-11), and three years of Software updates and security you get.