“Have separated”. Rafa Nadal prohibited questions. “There is divorce”. Last time


Rafa Nadal

12 of march 2020
(21:53 CET)

Rafa Nadal he returned to Spain after a trip to australian soil with his family, and that the ATP has decided that there is not more tennis indefinitely because of the pandemic of the Coronavirus that is plaguing the global landscape.

These days family has been able to see the Spanish tennis player next to his wife Mery Perellóyour sister Maribel Nadal and his father Sebastian Nadalwho have been able to have a few days without as much hustle as normal.

The sister of Rafa Nadal needed these days with the family after a start of the year demolisher that was separated from her husband.

Maribel Nadal

Maribel is key in the family

The rupture was known thanks to the information provided by the magazine Hello!, which has informed that all were precipitated after returning from a trip to Portugal at the beginning of 2020.

Maribel has always been very reserved, like the rest of his family, in matters of private life and that is why it has been a major surprise that has just come to light in the media.

maribel 2222

The sister of Rafael Nadal has been key in the life of a tennis player because she was able to meet his current wife Mery Perelló, since she was classmate and friend of the current pair of tennis.

In addition, since three years ago, is in charge of the marketing department of Rafa Nadal Sports Centre.