“I Cateta!” (and worse things) Georgina Rodriguez bundled with this photo (and very fat)

March 13, 2020
(18:37 CET)

Daniel Ruganias a player of Juventus Turin, was the first positive case of coronavirus in the Italian football and put his team in quarantine, and to Cristiano Ronaldo heading to Portugal after learning of his negative in the tests for the coronavirus.

The Portuguese footballer took his private plane and went along to Georgina Rodriguez to Madeira to see his mother, who suffered a stroke 10 days before.

Cristiano Ronaldo is assured that none of the members of a private jet or your partner are infected before mounting his luxurious plane to escape to Portugal.

An image very criticized

Interestingly Georgina Rodriguez put a publication in your account of Instagram on that trip to Madeira and the truth is that you have not left well off on the social networks.

In it you could see the Spanish model who was with a tracksuit mark, several jewels of high price of that assumed in the image and a couple of bags of maximum cache.

Fans of Georgina Rodriguez wonder if in these moments of crisis in which the economy of many is in danger, it was necessary to show both power adquisito, especially counting that any mishap you may have is secured by a Cristiano Ronaldo who earns a minimum salary per hour…

The comments have not been able to be more hard against her with some, “I Wish and you had to work you, to boast of so much gold,” or “I was working at gucci and Prada but you know what they charge there of thing? Became a model for christian that bailed out of the store and The clothes alone could contemplate. Please stick to the braguetazo of his life, and he says”. There are good times to brag about.

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