“I was in the hospital for months”


The famous actress Angelina Jolie has told, that he spent more than two months in the hospital, together with his daughters, were subjected to surgical interventions.

Angelina Jolie lookalike

According to the cinema with Maleficent 2, Angelina Jolie she is moved by the film, in order to have time with his family. The actress, for the International women’s dayhe wrote in a letter published on the Time, he was in a difficult time, and in the last time. The woman spent two months in the hospital with two of her daughters, underwent surgery.

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“I saw in the last two months both inside and outside of the departments of surgery with my daughter, the biggest and days I his little sister under the knife for a surgery on her hip. I saw my daughters take care of the other, the little one has learned to do, the nurse, the one with his sister. I’ve seen all of my girls to give up everything and the first the a the other. Heard, the the love your joy in the service of you. I’ve seen them, against their own fears with a strong courage. We all have this moment in which no one else can help us, and all we can do is to close the eyes and breathe. When we do the next step or to breathe through the pain, so that we calmiamo and that’s what we do. Your brothers were there for you, in solidarity, available. But in this international women’s day, in which I am writing from the hospital, I find myself and concentrate on my daughters and everything I have learned from you and from the other girls that I met around the world“so writes Angelina Jolie at the Time. The mother, although they are usually connected very closely with the privacy, has decided to tell what happened to his family, only with their consent.

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Angelina Jolie and love to the children

You know that I write this, because compared to your privacy, we have discussed together, and you have me encouraged to write. You understand that the management of the medical and struggle to survive and to heal, is something to be proud of“ that’s the end of the Jolie. The actress is very closely connected with his children, which often appear on the red carpet in common with her. The largest Zahara 15 years old and born in Ethiopia, adopted by the actress in the year 2005. Shiloh 13 years is the first biological daughter of the actress along with ex-husband Brad Pitt. The Jolie has also adopted Maddox today, he is 18 years old and born in Cambodia and Pax16 years old, born in Vietnam. With the ex the other two biological children: the twins Vivienne and Knox from the age of 11.

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