In spite of the offset-resistance at the Time of the Crisis, the Naughty Dog


The Last of Us Part 2: Despite the fact that the offset is resistant to the situation at Naughty Dog

Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Naughty Dog has moved the release of “The Last of Us-Part II,” for some time now, from February to may of this year. All of the developers and the Fans, who would have thought that this would be a move for a relief to the developers, they were in the wrong, I’m afraid. In addition, the development is conducted in the context of an on-going Crisis of the Time any more.

In a comprehensive report from Kotaku (via IGN) has quoted a number of anonymous, the Naughty Dog developers, who speak to a large and persistent Crisis of the phases, and, consequently, a high Overhead for the staff.

The pacing, despite the fact that the change is not slow

One developer said: “The people who believe that change is, in some way, in order to reduce the stress and for the relief of the team’s thinking, you’re wrong. The first thing they want to emphasize, is that we don’t slow down.”

Some developers were, however, happy about the delay of “The Last of Us: Part 2”, because it would have been a disaster if the game would have been in February of the year 2020 in the market. According to the report, however, is that many of the developers from Naughty Dog to accept it in the Crisis phase, and with as much perfection and served by the Studio feel the need to.

Another developer said: “This is one of the reasons why it’s time to come Cruch -. You have the freedom to work, to go to the limit with the things that you’re trying to improve things by only 10 per cent. This is what is in the video, when the employees are taken into account.”

On The Subject Of TheThe Last of Us Part 2: the Launch is due in may of 2020 have changed – now officially

With the announcement of the postponement of Naughty Dog, said that there was a need for additional time to provide “the quality you’ve come to expect from Naughty Dog. In addition to this, he also said that the Stress should be reduced. “The new launch date gives us plenty of time to be able to get the game just post it as we thought it would be, and he saves the Team a lot of Stress.”

We believe that in the current report, some of the Bold does not have, at least in the show, the developer has the impression that the change to the Team that has taken a lot of Stress. In the past few years, and is subject to the conditions of work in the game development studios such as Rockstar, is the First, and, among other things, Epic Games got in on the criticism.

The more messages, The Last of Us: Part 2.

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