“Is broke”. Jordi Cruz was on MasterChef. Famous of Spain hits bottom


MasterChef Jordi Cruz

March 13, 2020
(15:29 CET)

MasterChef is put to rigorous now. Not only because in brief is the start of the broadcasts of MasterChef 8, but your version Celebrity. One of the contestants of the edition of famous is going through a hard time. He is Manuel Díaz El Cordobés. The bullfighter is going through economic troubles. Jordi Cruz did not know they were in a situation that is so bad.

The right-hander departed from the bullrings after an operation for osteoarthritis of the hip with just 51 years. The Cordoba has chosen to return to the arenas. All because the husband of Virginia Troconis need liquidity. After retiring their savings began to decrease and had to take a drastic decision.

cordobes troconis

While not toreabaManuel and his wife have participated in the second edition of MasterChefsome other program television, and several commercials. All of this would not be sufficient to cover the high living standards of both. And that she, also, is the image of a footwear brand that recently opened shop in Seville.

What he has said is that he would love to be three children (Alba, Manu and Triana) that will cut the pigtail permanently and desperdirse of your audience by the big door, something that still has not been able to do.

Apparently, it has already been put to work for their return, in which you will have the advice and representation of two people you trust: his brother Chema and Alberto Garcia. Still has not revealed where it will be his return to the arenas.