It horns! Rocío Carrasco advised. “Make video call”. Fidel Albiac calla, but she’s not!


12 of march 2020
(16:31 CET)

Dew Flowers, has become the true revolution of Mediaset. After seeing it debut as the defender of his father in GH VIP 7, Telecinco offered the opportunity to participate in Survivors 2020 being the celebrity best paid. The young man, tired of hiding, he decided to accept it without thinking twice. The daughter of Rocío Carrasco is leaving the view in front of the cameras like never before he had seen her, but this leaves out all about his family.

Recently there has been talk of the fighting that has starred in the past with his mother, as also of the alleged infidelities of Ortega Cano to Rocío Jurado and now it is doing the same with his current partner, Manuel Bedmar. The boyfriend of Dew Flowers has always kept a low profile with the media. Trying to maintain to the extent possible the anonymity.

Manuel Bedmar and Dew Flowers

According to a witness in Save me, the relationship between the two is not as idyllic as have been made to believe the media. The program has contacted a young woman who claims to have been during a time, allegedly, the lover of the boy. “We started talking, everything super well, he spoke to me all day, we even video calls, very well. We get two times”, explains, and ensures that between them there was only kissing: “But nothing more, just kissing”.

Bedmar, for its part, has not wanted to enter to assess the situation: “I’d rather be outside of it all that then all are problems“. Antonio David is believed the version that has given him the young man personally. Everything is a lie. Although it admits that the relationship with the Dew Flower has had its ups and downs.