Jennifer Lawrence is back on the set for a new movie, after he took a year’s break


19 April 2019

After the exit Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence he had decided a year-long break from workcould not the best choice, because in just 365 days, his life has completely changed in the best way possible. The actress has, in fact, the love found in the new York gallerist Cooke Maroneyimmediately the engagement official, and that JLaw has already begun the preparations for the wedding.

Solid love of life, super incasinata to previously, the relationship with the Director Darren Aronofsky, Jennifer is ready to get back on the big screen with a film under the direction of acclaimed theatre Director is Lila Neugebauer.

The 28-year-old Oscar-winner is not only the main, but is also the producer of the filmthat will produce through his new production company Excellent carcass. All the details for the film are now kept secretnot the news of the occupation, and also the title.


In the meantime, we can JLaw in check on the side of Sophie Turner X-Men: Dark Phoenixwhere she takes on the role of Mystique. The film is set in Germany on the 6. June.

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