Jennifer Lopez opens the robe going up the stairs (and lets see it from there)


12 of march 2020
(20:05 CET)

Jennifer Lopez usually leave them stunned his followers with his spectacular physical and this week has done it again with an image that has become viral quickly on social networks.

It appears the singer of New York dressed in just a robe and a lingerie very attractive climbing up a few stairs to the open air. The return of the publication has been tremendous.

In fact, the followers of the american artist have been amazed by the beauty that continues to have a Jennifer Lopez which already exceeds 50 years and will not note anything.

A body secured

Jennifer Lopez remains spectacular, but it is also his body is worth a millonada as you have it insured for six million dollars for what will happen in any of their events.

What began as ensure your rear ended up being a safe for your whole body, and well-paid is that insurance.

Jennifer Lopez

What we fell in love with

It seems that Jennifer Lopez is an absolute fan of the teeth large and white, something that Alex Rodriguez seems to be very in tune and could have been one of the reasons why you fell in love with the artist in New York.

In fact, the above couples of the american singer also have worn great dentures that demonstrate that there is something of a fetish in it.