John Krasinski already has ideas for ‘A quiet place 3’


The second installment of ‘A quiet place’ has not yet come to cinemas in Spain and we are already talking about a third party. Has been John Krasinski, director, actor and screenwriter of the series, who have revealed that already have ideas for ‘A quiet place 3’ can be a reality.

  'A quiet place'

With the release of ‘A quiet place’ in 2018, the career as a director, Krasinski gave a great impulse, so much so that soon the second delivery got the green light. The series, starring Emily Blunt and Krasinski, it is located in a world that is dystopian in which strange creatures are sensitive to sound are on the loose, so if the world wants to survive, must remain in the most absolute silence.

Doubts arise as to whether this premise could be kept in a third filmbut in an interview for Collider, Krasinski admitted having a few ideas in mind: “It is interesting, not really thought of a second film when I was doing the first. However, yes I had these questions as you did. I released the bomb from a distance with the first, and I always thought to myself “wouldn’t it be cool if we see where it takes us this? Who is on the other end of the path?” but I never thought that there would be a sequel. So, when at the end I started to write this sequel, I started with that way she had left, and this time, I think that my brain began to ask questions about what would it mean more forward, and began to write annotations just in case I prepare for a third [película]”.

Can a third party just around the corner?

In spite of everything, still can not confirm that going to be a third installmentalthough Krasinski seems to be anxious to finish the story surrounding the family of Abbott. In addition, as confirmed by Krasinski, when his wife, Emily Blunt, first read the script of the second film, it seemed to him that it was like the second book of a trilogy.

Even so, you still have to wait to see if ‘A quiet place 2’ gets the same or greater success than his first delivery, which he won 340 million dollars worldwide. The second part of the saga will be premiered on march 19, 2020.