Joy Huerta takes a HOT photo of his wife from the shower


Only A few months of having revealed the identity of his wife, the singer Joy Huerta the group “Jesse and Joy” is more than happy to show the world how much you love your partner and your family. But on this occasion the singer decided to display an angle very intimate Diana Atri from the shower, get Naked!

Diana Atri and Joy Huerta shared with the world its solid marriage on instagram on February 14th. Together, they have become the mother of a beautiful babyand they are finally being more open with the public about their relationship, because a long time Joy 33-year-old decided to keep secret to your partner so they were not victims of any attack on the part of the haters.

Joy Huerta, and Diana Atri/Photo: Instagram

Joy Huerta, and Diana Atri/Photo: Instagram

However, the singer of “it Runs!” summoned up courage and made public of his family life with his thousands of fans who feel proud and happy of the decision of Joy by talk of his private life. Although Diana Atri has also stated that you do not want to become famous as his wife, yes he likes to appear in the social networks alongside the mexican singer.

Wife of Joy on hot photo

Joy Huerta decided to capture the beauty of Diana Atri from an angle and a place where we had seen it in the shower! the hot image was shared on the personal account of Diana, and immediately received a comment flattering to the singer-songwriter.

In the photo that is in black-and-white, the wife of Joy appears in profile, behind a transparent wall that manages to leave blurred the image so that it is not censored. However, we can appreciate the sensual silhouette of Diana Atri is fully nude taking a bath in the shower. What a daring!

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The singer of “I soltaste” he wrote to him a few fiery emojis to the publication of his wife. Joy and Diana continue to demonstrate that your love is stronger than ever and no longer fear presumirlo with the fans and the rest of the public.