KaiOS: Mozilla’s support for a Fork of Firefox OS


The developers behind the mobile operating system that is KaiOS have to make the most of it as a companion to its Firefox os, a Fork of the Appeal of Phones that are based on and build it. The developers behind the project, is planning to bring 4G, NFC, GPS, and Wi-Fi applications, HTML5, and a long battery life on devices without a Touch.

Mozilla help mozilla’s Gecko

As it is a fork from Firefox with THE KaiOS, as the 2016 olympics to be discontinued operating system from Mozilla is based on the free HTML Rendering Engine, Gecko. The one written in C / C++ library that serves as a support for the web Browser Firefox and email Client Thunderbird.

You will help you bring out the Gecko Engine up to date and to grow. As the KaiOS Technologies, has announced a promise to the Chinese company based on a partnership with you, most of all, more performance, and security, as well as a Development kit for the KaiOS.

You have taken care of in the future, especially for the care of the Gecko Engine
You have taken care of in the future, especially for the care of the Gecko-Engine (picture: KaisOS)

The new Features for Mobile devices

KaiOS is to bring you thanks to a partnership with Mozilla, the new Features, such as progressive, Web-Apps, which is the encryption Protocol, TLS 1.3, is the one with the JavaScript interface and for the programming of WebGL 2.0, as well as the Codecs that are About, and AV1 the cheap mobile Phones.

But now, the mobile operating system is looking for HTML5 apps, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and WhatsApp you can easily be on your own KaiStore download. Other instant messengers such as Telegram, in the execution of the web Browser. In addition to this, a lot of the Google Play services such as Google Maps, and Google’s Assistant is available as a native Application on the App Store on the platform.

Many of the KaiOS of the plan, the features that are already included in the website, and to make the most of it is not Known. Mozilla is supposed to help the Chinese people in the Initialization to update the Code of the Gecko Engine, and to maintain in the future in today’s world.

For the KaiOS, this would be a major step forward in the direction of greater acceptance with the producers of the Mobile phone, the selection of the appropriate operating system for their devices, is of great importance to a comprehensive set of features and functions that are present. The current Code is also intended to allow programmers to program their Applications to other operating system. Currently, the KaiStore offers over 400 Apps.

Nokia and Alcatel to continue to deliver

In addition to the Indian manufacturer WizPhone, and the Swedish company Doro, which is selling its feature Phones exclusively in the US, Alcatel and Nokia in Europe is to be Regenerated. Therefore, we are based on, among other things, 8110 4G network, the Nokia 2720 Flip phone, as well as in the open-air, mobile phone, Nokia 800 the Hard the operating system with the Linux Kernel.