KaiOS: the Mozilla help-Firefox-for-THE-Fork-in-heels


The developers of the mobile operating system KaiOS have been able to beat the manufacturer of your web browser by Mozilla as a Partner, as a Startup, he says. KaiOS is based on Mozilla, such as the worst failure of the Firefox OS, which is designed to be opened in 2016. In contrast, the KaiOS are, however, very popular. You will help you to extend the use of the Gecko Rendering Engine to Generate it, and bring it to a current status. In this country, KaiOS is referred to as a System, in the new edition of the Nokia folding phones.

The job market

  1. ALLYSCA Care GmbH, Munich,
  2. The evangelical church in Hessen and Nassau, Darmstadt

The Gecko serves as the foundation for the Firefox web Browser, and it’s also one of the main ingredients for the KaiOS are. The partnership, in particular, the performance and safety of the Engine will be improved in the operating system. The developers of the Seed promise, it also has the best developer tools.

With the extension of the Gecko KaiOS, but also a wide variety of windows operating systems. Such Progressive Web-Apps, which are Regenerated from the native Application to handle your users, and can provide you with the most Applications. In addition, other techniques, such as Webassembly faster and Applications, transport layer security (TLS 1.3, to increase the safety and the light of the acceleration and WebGL 2.0, as well as About, and AV1 as an image-and Video-Codecs to see. The improved CSS features, and asynchronous Javascript to be.

Firefox offers all of the features above for a very long time, so that it can be assumed that the KaiOS has a hard time keeping the Gecko Engine, and attempt to update it. Mozilla seems to be the only reasonable Partner in this endeavor.

In the final analysis, the KaiOS are seeking to reach, and that your operating system runs more stably in a device, and, thus, the ca is shown in simplified form by the operator or original equipment manufacturers. The goal appears to be spreading to other devices. The developers of the KaiOS on several of finance the multi-million-dollar rounds have already of Dollars to your budget, that you have collected.

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