Karol G gets excited before a concert


Life is giving joy, Karol G. Despite the fact that it takes several years in the music industry, the artist continues to live first times within their profession and this march 11, lived a very special day.

For the first time in his entire career made a sand alone and, of course, but he lived with great emotion and even tears.

The stadium that had the privilege of seeing her succeed in solo was the Antel Arena of Uruguay, where their unconditional sang with her their successes in the most-talked-about, as Tusa or Ocean.

With this new achievement in his career, the ‘bebesita’ was very happy on Instagram, where she shared the excitement for this success with a text in which he expressed his happiness and as the tears prevented him from leaving the stage.

“If all those people that were there knew that I could not get out because the tears would not leave me. What more can I ask of life if you have given me so much? I have God, my family, my partner, good health, my successful career, and all of you. My first arena alone! Thank You Uruguay!”, he expressed the interpreter Guilty along with some photographs of the show.

Karol G is the example of how with work, discipline and talent, all the dreams are true. And is that even though the colombian had a few early easy in the world of urban music, is now considered one of the leading exponents of this genre.

On the other hand, as noted, is located in a great moment both professional and personal. In addition to keep adding achievements and triumphs, in terms of what staff is happily ennoviada with the puerto rican singer Anuel AAwith whom it is expected that this year pass by the altar.

Congratulations, Karol!