Lady Gaga removes her clothes to go out to the balcony of her house. I hunted by the paparazzi!



12 of march 2020
(13:43 CET)

Lady Gaga knows very well how to attract attention and it does so even when no one is looking, or at least a priori since this time has been captured by the paparazzi very clear.

The American singer has been captured leaving the balcony of her apartment in their underwear in a picture in which she has left to view a large part of its physical attributes, making clear again that it has a physical spectacular.

The reaction from their fans has not been made to wait with a great positive response to the “stolen” that would have made the paparazzi while she was in her private life.

Date for the new album

For the moment, if the evolution of the Coronavirus is not prevented, the release date of the new work of Lady Gaga will be the next April 10, and it is yet to see the dates of a world tour which could be delayed.

And is that the release of ‘Chromática’ is in the air due to the pandemic may be delayed several months, all the shows of Lady Gaga.

With Ariana Grande

ariana grande concert

In fact, it seems that Lady Gaga wanted to return to big with a music video very powerful in that it would have the collaboration of Ariana GrandeAriana Grandehe may not be the only contributor in the new work of the American.

However, not at the moment have revealed more details about what is the true role of Ariana Grande in this the sixth album of Lady Gaga.