Last time bomb Miguel Marcos (and it is very bad). Belén Esteban could not hide it more


12 of march 2020
(12:27 CET)

All the celebrities are very concerned about the coronavirus. Spain is one of the countries most affected with more than 2,000 infections. For that they spread more, the Government has taken drastic measures, such as, for example, postpone the mythical failures, even threatening the Holy Week, since this week and next week will be the worst, according to experts. All the concerts, theaters, and any event of more than 1,000 people capacity have been cancelled. The football matches are played behind closed doors and the tv programs can be recorded without audience.

belén esteban-table discussion coronavirusA very strange situation and desolation which increases the psychosis. In Save me have dealt with the issue of coronavirus with a table of “experts” it was Belen Esteban and was led by Carlota Corredera. The co have asked one of the specialists for the health of her husband, Miguel Marcos. This works as an ambulance driver and spends a lot of time in hospitals and surrounded by sick people, some by coronavirus.

In particular, the collaborator of television have asked the doctor invited if her husband “is exposed to a greater risk because it enters in the hospitals”. She is very worried and distraught by her husband, but also for her, who is diabetic. “No. He’s probably more protected than anyone else. The profession of your husband poses no risk to you“he has answered the expert.

Belén Esteban, as a princess of the people, has also been concerned about the current situation of the country and for what may be to come. “If the situation is improving, could be released to the emergency. If on the other hand is still the same, the situation would be extended”he explained the doctor’s guest when the tv showed his concern to know what will happen in our country. On the other hand, the madrid has asked for a possible vaccine against the COVID-19. “What is important is not the vaccine, but that is tolerable for human beings and safe. That does no harm”, has informed the expert.