‘Legends of Tomorrow’ has a cameo very special ‘Supernatural’


It would not be strange that ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ had a crossover itself separate from the ‘Arrowverso’. Although this has not been completely the case, it has had a small cameo in the series ‘Supernatural’ and so were the photos released by CW through TVLine.

Neither Sam nor Dean to the view, but there is a familiar face, or rather, a license plate, because the car that we see in the images is that of the brothers Winchester. Constantine, Sarah and Charlie appear next to “Baby”, the Chevrolet Impala of ‘Supernatural’. Why is it not a car either and is the of these characters? As we can see the trap for demons painted inside the boot.

'Legends of Tomorrow' 'Supernatural'
'Legends of Tomorrow' 'Supernatural'

The co-producer and scriptwriter main ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, Phil Klemmer, has confirmed that it is Baby though he was not the original car used in ‘Supernatural’, according to EW. “As far as I understand, the car was not the series but a super fan who has created their own Babywrote Klemmer. “This wanting to build his own Waverider”. Waverider is the ship and base of operations of the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.

The images correspond to chapter 8 of the fifth season called ‘Zari, not Zari’. The synopsis of this episode indicates that Constantine, Sara and Charlie travel to British Columbia, which is where the recording is made of the series. From the beginning we knew that we wanted to set an episode in Vancouver current because just after the crossover is all we could afford. It’s a joke, more or less, not seriously. We wanted to make an episode of fear the style ‘Predator’ lurking in the forest. And we decided that ‘Legends’ is cruzase with the team of ‘Supernatural’. This was the inspiration of the election of our director of production, Kevin Mock, I think”. said Klemmer. “In our world ‘Supernatural’ is a tv series, not the real thing. sorry fans of ‘Supernatural'”.

'Legends of Tomorrow' 'Supernatural'

Tribute or parody

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ do not stop to amaze us. In the last chapter issued in the united States, the series dares to make a parody of the program of Mr.Rogers, the same one that is portrayed in ‘A friend extraordinary’, the tape starring Tom Hanks. The episode called ‘Mr. Parker’s Cul-De-Sac’. Mr. Parker is played by Erik Fraser Gow, but in the promo we see Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), posing as Mr. Parker.