Leoni Torres y Yulien Oviedo how collaboration view?


A popular barber shop of Havana has become a witness of an encounter between two popular singers cubans: Leoni Torres and Yulien Oviedo.

The artists agreed in the local of the capital, and decided to immortalize the moment for all her fans with a photo that has been shared subsequently Oviedo in his profile of Instagram.

The image has been very well received by the followers of Oviedo and has stoked rumors of a possible collaboration between the two especially by the question that launched the musician next to the publication.

“It is always a pleasure to see you my brother. What do you think if we unite our voices? Leave your comments, I read them,” wrote the artist.

Many have been fans of the music of both singers that have made that case to the question of Oviedo and have begun to ask of a stack between the two. Show messages that can be read in the publication, and among which stand out:

“Yes, duo, “I would love the two are fire”, “it Would be great to add their voices”, “Tremendous stick”, “The best”, “What is known not to question, put hand”, “Tremendous duo without a doubt” or “Without a doubt, voices like you in their genre, at least in Cuba, there are not.

In addition to being united by a fraternal friendship, Leoni Torres and Yulien Oviedo it has much more in common. The two come in one of the groups of popular dance music most important of the Island: David Calzado and his Charanga Habanera, in which they discussed scenarios and success for several years.

And to you… what would you like to hear a song Leoni Torres and Yulien Oviedo?