Lost 20 kilos. David Bustamante and all OT ¡shocked! “Unrecognizable”


David Bustamante

March 13, 2020
(09:30 CET)

He has spoken on many occasions of the weight of David Bustamante, much more than of his artistic career. Since ended its relationship with Paula Echevarria, singer engordó several kilos. Something detrimental to your health. However she has not wanted to remedy it and it bothers you a lot when you talk about it. On more than one occasion has been angry with the press.

It is not the only one who has crossed 30 and it has been dropped. A fellow Voice artist and has also undergone a great physical change. Antonio Orozco did not feel proud of his body and decided to give a turn of 180 degrees. Despite the fact that you have little time due to his backlog of work, the Catalan underwent a hard training routine.

Know that it is very important to take care of yourself, both inside and out, for this reason Orozco has taken advantage of these months to do sports and share their evolution on their social networks. Days of ski and bike rides that have made him lose a few pounds. The difference is noticeable in his latest photographs.

“The face of an overwhelmed… Masterful… Bratislava Simphony Orqyestra… Recording”you can read along to his last publication, of this same Wednesday, in which she appears in a recording studio in the european country, with large face of concentration, cap, and shirt boxes. His face is visibly much more slim when compared with photographs of a few months. It is almost “unrecognizable.” Soon their followers will be able to listen to their new songs.