Many of the new ones at a discounted rate for your phone


Phone calls must be really, really expensive. Because there are a wide variety of service providers, called for a new special rate for life. And we are going to show you an example of the best of the best in the current discounted rate. Among them are also our partners it responds to a Fare-level to power users-by-word it is today.

Your phone

Because the mobile phone is a new action was launched to call on all those who engage with the great amount of data on the month of your choice for your mobile phone. The Tariff Allnet 20 GB of LTE Internet access, a Tv with 20 GB of LTE data volume in a wireless telephone network, also spoke about the one – and-SMS-Flatrate. And all of this for 14.99 Euro per month.

The special feature of this Tariff plan: in contrast to many other products and services in the Telefónica group’s network, in spite of the reasonable price point of up to 225 Mbit/s, the speed of transmission on the Downstream. E: The minimum duration of the contract is no more than a month. The single number at the end of the set-up at the rate of 9.99 Euros and fortunately, it is possible to.

It should be a little less than the volume of the data is the one corresponding to the base of the low-cost price tag? Then you can charge for LTE 10 GB Flex-you decide. At a cost of $ 9.99 per month. With 7 GB of LTE data volume, you you you you you need only 7,77 euros per month. However, only a maximum of 50 Mbit/s Downstream are two of the best available Rates.

freenet Mobile

Only for a very short period of time, you can get a special rate on freenet’s Mobile insurance program is carried out on the net from us. For the price of € 16.99 sale a month and you will have a Three-times-Tv channels (phone calls, SMS, Internet access) with 12 GB of LTE data volume, you can use up to a maximum of 21.6 Mbit/s Downstream. The damage is in addition to a relatively low speed, only a single connection to the price of 29.99 Euro to fail high. The minimum duration of the contract, it is, however, at this rate, in just a month’s time.


17. On 11 march, the special offer is to enter the PremiumSIM for you. For 7,77 euros per month you will get an LTE-Allnet-Flat (LTE, L) is in the switched telephone network in Germany. Typically, the Fee is going to cost you 14.99 Euro per month.

Including Television and the Internet, a Tv with a free 7 GB of LTE data volume, and in a voice flat rate to all German networks and a telephone number. The maximum Download speed is 50 Mbit/s Downstream. Be careful: There’s an auto-date for you to use, and you can unsubscribe at any time, and if you can’t, you need to have.

You don’t need 7 GB of data volume per month. The Tariff LTE S only 2 GB of LTE Internet, for the calendar month that is included with max. A 50-Mbit/s), and to pay as little as $ 4.99 per month. Usually, the rate is 6.99 euro for a month.

For both Tariffs you can choose from one month to two years the minimum duration of the contract. Up to you, in the long term, a one-time set-up fee of 9.99 Euros.


If you are looking for a new mobile phone contract with 2GB of LTE data volume of the phone, you may not, however, in the above-mentioned PremiumSIM Rate the book, but other than that, the Drillisch brand Simply. Why is it when you get to 18. In march, the LTE and up to 11 o’clock in the morning, the score of 1000, with 2 GB of LTE data volume of max. A 50-Mbit/s) of the month for only 3.99 euros per month.

In the 24-month period of the contract, but simply a charge of the opposite of 7 Euros, the more expensive the room Rate and is not generally applicable rate of the facility from $ 19.99. A one-month period of the contract, you pay only 9.99 euros, for a minimum of. In a (turned off) for automatic data-is also a part of this tariff.


It should be, instead of the 2 GB per month, prefer 3 GB of LTE data per month. Then, it is currently recommended that the plan of Action for the WinSIM up to 17. March, at 11 o’clock, a Three-times-Tv started: with a 3 GB data volume for 6,99 Euro per month. A Provision in the amount of 9.99 euros, you will only have to pay if you do a monthly call option to open, you want. Auto preset you can cancel this plan at any time.

Image To Connect With

Do you like to read in the contents of the “image”? So, the new share of the fee, you may be interested in, from an image, a Link, to the 12. The march is at 11 pm. There, you get a shared Flat-LTE-M with 1 GB of LTE data volume for 5,99 Euro / month.

It sounds, at first glance, in comparison to the above mentioned Rates are not particularly attractive. Truth…. On the other hand, a subscription is in the picture+ all the rewards of the digital content made available to you on the in the picture, to Connect at no cost at all-inclusive. Normally, you would have to pay a little bit less than 8 Euros per month.

In the framework of the currently valid special action, usually an attack is also the end of the installation rate, that is, in another way, to 9.99 Euros. The least attractive of the period of validity of the contract is for at least two years.

For example, PremiumSIM or WinSIM are also it is part of the 1&1-a of the Drillisch group. And then you have currently available for 9.99 euros per month, with the Rate in LTE for All of the 5 + 5 GB in size. The Name of the program that is in addition to a voice and SMS flat-rate to all German networks, it is also an LTE-based fixed-line services (min. 50 Mbit/s in Download) with a 10 GB volume for data to be included.

You can also use this Discount with the supplier for a period of between one month and two years of the term of the contract from which to choose. If you decide to go in for two years, and by eliminating the normally applicable rate of the facility in the amount of only € 10. An automatic transmission of the data is the standard for this Fare, but here, too, you can cancel your subscription at any time, upon request.

Tchibo Mobil

An exciting promotion is also running in the Tchibo mobile. 29. In march, the pioneer of the mobile Discounter in Germany, Allnet-Flat, with 5 GB of LTE ebook, the volume of data 9.99 euros for a four-week period. Typically, the Pre-paid Tariff plan-Smart L L L L cost of each four-week period, 14,99 euro for 5 euro’s more expensive.

In the context of the spring-action of the Tchibo-Mobil-Tariff and the Smart-L you can be in a switched telephone network in Germany in order to make phone calls in both German Festnet and fittings for mobile, how do you want it to. Also, an SMS-Flat in all German networks are included. In addition to this, access to the Internet, the Television, the 5 GB of LTE data with up to 21.6 Mbit/s Downstream.

Tchibo Mobil Is A Class Action

In a time when you have to pay for the activation of the SIM card is 9.99 euros. In the case of an Online order, you are going to get to the top of Tchibo photo book voucher in the amount of approximately € 30. In the case of number portability, where you can enjoy a 30-Euro start credit. Up to 30 vendors, from which the number is to be calculated, however.

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