Marisol Gonzalez met 37 years old and celebrated with youth outfit pink, oh my legs!!!


Marisol Gonzalez held this march 12, his 37th birthday, and to celebrate she posed with a sexy outfit pink of a style very youth who loved so well that the look of your legs.

Marisol Gonzalez met 37 years old and celebrated with youth outfit pink, oh my legs!!!

The Instagram Program officer Today

In his official account of Instagram, Marisol Gonzalez he shared the images where she’s wearing a miniskirt pink, with a white blouse and a mini-jacket of the same pink tone that seemed to be an outfit worthy of a Barbie.

”Already almost meets 37 and I am very excited”, wrote the conductive Televisa a day before his birthday.

The publication of Marisol Gonzalez exceeded 60 thousand likes on their 2 million followers on Instagram, who sent thousands of compliments for the vibrant look, and its spectacular legs.

The mega birthday Marisol Gonzalez

Marisol Gonzalez shared his excitement on his birthday, 37, who was imitated by his millions of followers, but also, by their companions in Televisa.

In the forum of the program “Today”, his companions were surprised to Marisol Gonzalez with a beautiful cake like pink to your outfit past and adorned by a curious golden crown.

“We hope you enjoyed the surprises”wrote the computer program “Today” in your account Instagram.

To the congratulations joined her companions in Televisa, Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta; each published a message of congratulations to Marisol Gonzalez in their accounts of Instagram.

“Beauty so many years of knowing and liking you!! I wish you a life full of happiness and moments of wonderful!! That is what you deserve!! Happy birthday to the prettiest!!”was the message of Andrea Legarreta.

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