Mob Girl: Jennifer Lawrence to play for Paolo Sorrentino


The next film of the Director in English Paolo Sorrentino it was prepared Mob Girl and inspired to the book with the title Mob Girl: Woman’s life in the Underworld written by Pulitzer prize Teresa Carpenter and released in the year 1992.

The protagonist of the story, plays between the years ’70 and ’80’s, is nothing less than
the beautiful Jennifer Lawrencein the role of Hershel Brickman, a woman
Lower East Side of New York to the mafia italo-American decides to cooperate with the Fbi and a Rapporteur will be so.

Jennifer Lawrence's Mob Girl

The woman, the first victim of various abuse and violence, is one of the boss games of the time, and then to hear that you are with the FBI, if a man threatened the life of his daughter.

In collaboration with Sorrentino on the screenplay and see Angelina Burnett;
during the same Lawrence, with Sorrentino and Lorenzo Mieli for Wildsideit is obliged to produce the film together Excellent Cadaversthe company is managed, Justine Polsky.

At the moment, you have no other news about Mob Girl, we in the cinema in the year 2020.

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