Naomi Campbell is protected in the coronavirus with a controversial styling that has sparked the criticism in the networks


The supermodel british Naomi Campbell it has taken very serious measures to protect against the coronavirus and has chosen an option quite drastic to avoid any contagion to the time of travel by plane.

The top model of 49 years, published this week a few photos on the social networks with the outfit as featured in the Los Angeles airport and has the most striking result of in the virtual world.

Far from wearing the mask that we’ve seen look so many famous or to stay away from other people as is recommended, it has been protected from head to foot with a white monkey with hood, mask, goggles, and transparent to gloves.

“Safety is the first thing to the next level,” she explained on Instagram along with a series of photos of her on the plane and airport. In the same post, also announces that soon we will be able to see on your Youtube channel a full video of this plane trip.

Before these photos, many users have not given credit to their dress and have been assured that it is extremist and exaggerated. In fact there are those who have crossed out of “dramatic” and “hysterical” by wearing this outfit at the airport.

“The hysteria is also contagious, much more so than the virus,” or “Dear, if you’re not sick, it is not necessary that you cover the body in this way,” are some of the comments that have been left in the publication.

Naomi had already given signs that a person is cautious in terms of hygiene and a few months ago showed in your Youtube channel as desinfectaba thoroughly his seat came to a plane.