No real 4 to the Google Stadium


Oha: Bethesda and id Software have confirmed that it is “Eternal Damnation” since the very beginning, as one of the core games, announced it will offer the Google’s Stadiums won’t be native 4K. In spite of this, the game will be calculated on the basis of the Display of 1080p video at 60 frames per second, or at the range, but at 1800p with the 60 fps and 2160p on high.

Now you’ve got to tell you, honestly, This is not a broken leg, for 1080p upscaled to 4K looks like in General, I’d go for the root cause of a lot of Games for the Xbox The one X is also of class. Where we are now, but in the console, the Microsoft Xbox One X-the Damnation “calculated” at 1800p with 60 frames per second. It makes you wonder exactly what happened to Google’s announced, and an increase of 10.7 TFLOPS. For comparison, The Xbox One X + comes with “only” about 6 TFLOPs, and processes, but at the same resolution and Frame rate of the video.

Well, that and the Stages do not need to also have the advantage that the resolution alone, it’s all here. Because the “Eternal Damnation”, which is calculated in Stages, with higher graphics than on the console. Due to the compression of the stream is corrected, so that the source of the fire is to be expected in the console, handsome appearance.

However, it is the whole thing, but especially when you’ve got in your head that this is a game that has been repeatedly highlighted as a cornerstone of the Game, and all of the parties Involved in a native 4K point-of-view are presented. The GDC 2019 at the latest on the id-in-chief Marty Stratton has said that the “Damnation” to only “true 4K” in a Stadium would bring.

Now, where’s the Problem? In the past, there has been some discussion on the 4-sham on Google, and the Stadiums, because of games such as “Destiny 2,” or “Red Dead Redemption 2” will be executed only in scale. Google had in the past, Mainly to the the buck to the developers, which, according to the reasoning of the company, the time, the need to stage full available.

But if id Software is not a native 4K at 60 frames per second at the Stadium, one of the first, and closest to the Stadiums, the Partner, and then one is quite justified in the criticism. It seems that Google has taken it to the top of the book from the mouth.