One year! Fast & Furious 9 delayed its premiere by coronavirus


The premiere of the ninth edition of Fast & Furious it has also been affected by the containment measures that are being taken throughout the world by the coronavirus.

However, the postponement has not been a few weeks or a few months, but a year. The premiere has been set for April 2021, so that fans of the saga will have to bide my time.

“We have changed the date of global launch to April 2021, North America premiere on April 2. While we know that there is a disappointment to have to wait a little more, this movement is made thinking of the safety of all as our primary consideration,” reads a press release.

The premiere was scheduled for may 22, and the team said it was “difficult and painful” to announce the postponement because “it was felt all the love and the expectation that they have to see the next chapter of our saga.

The decision provoked reactions divided among fans, for while some were sympathetic, others seems to them too long waiting to be able to enjoy the ninth movie.

“It can’t be, wait another year is not fair to fantastic, it is much”, “Since last year we have waiting for you, it’s not fair!”, “It is well that it should be postponed, but what about a year?, this is excessive”, “Noooo is it possible for us to do that. We were already looking forward to come the month of may”, some commented.

Fast & Furious 9 it was being expected by all high. Even for the premiere of the trailer there was a megafiesta in Miami with the protagonists of the saga, and performances by Ludacris, Cardi B, Ozuna, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.

The novel film also introduces new characters, one of them played by Cardi B, and the rest will be known when it debuts the film, now in 2021.