Paola Rojas staggers to his fans for strong statements about Zague


After that in the program Yordi Rosado, Paola Rojas appeared crying to be moved after recalling the harassment that she received after viralizó the infidelity of Zaguethe conductive net divine has returned to give the face ensuring that he received a lot of support on the part of the public that saw that interview, this according to what related to the program Window.

Through the program of gossip TV Azteca, Window, Paola Rojas to re-open his heart about the issue of the infidelity of Zague, what caused the divorce of the host of Televisa, this is the eve of the world cup of Russia 2018.

Paola Rojas mentioned that throughout these nearly 2 years, he had avoided talking about the subject Because I wanted to be very discreet with their children, however that night on the interview he had with Yordi Rosado could not withstand his feelings and burst overflowing in tears. in that sense, said he has learned that you no longer should endure more of what he feels, and if it hurts also that’s not to express it.

“It was an opportunity to tell myself that I’m not iron, I don’t have to be whole and perfect, and that if something hurts me, it hurts me,” said Paola Rojas

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Paola Rojas receives extensive support from his audience

the conductive net divine stressed that what they did in the program Yordi rosado was not planned, however, it has served to empower themselves because after that video that viralizo has received positive messages, and Paola Rojas has become an example of life for those women who go through the same situation as her. So soon we can see Paola Rojas each morning in their newsletter, showing that he has been able to move forward.