“Photos and videos”. The latest scandal that destroys Madrid


infanta Elena

12 of march 2020
(13:30 CET)

Not at good times for the Family Real Spanish. On the contrary. The focus of the media is focused towards the king emeritus Juan Carlos and the controversy doesn’t appear in the media.

However, despite the fact that they are the kings Felipe and Letizia which, obviously, are more than worried, and also infanta Elena know that the fact that his father is in the eye of the hurricane is not a pleasant experience.

But eye because the sister of the king Felipe not has in his father his only cause of concern. And is that his children are those who, from a time to here, you are causing more of a headache to Elena.

The notice to the infanta Elena

And is that, as you well know the that typically follow the day-to-day of the present monarchy, both Froilán as Victoria Federica for a long time already flying for free. They are two young people who, each in his own way, is beginning to focus his life.

The infanta Elena with their children, Froilán and Victoria Federica

But of course, taking into account that there are precisely two characters audiences that may go unnoticed, there are several already notices that you have received the infanta Elena on the active social life that have the two. And the worst thing for the sister of the king is that, as you well know in the environment of the Family Realthere are “Photos and videos” that, seeing the light, might put in a bind to more than one in The Zarzuela.

Something that has also come to Felipe, who along with Letiziahas not hesitate to berate her sister who is not over their children. Among other things because it does not cease to be members of the Royal Family, with which it is falling, the last thing they need in The Zarzuela is that Froilán and Victoria Federica they cause the most trouble.

A notice on the part of the kings to Elena that has led to fights internal, but that, at least for the moment, it seems that it has not emerged effect.