Removes her clothes in concert. Rosalia applauds. Oh star of the music says enough!


12 of march 2020
(20:39 CET)

Rosalia it has been shown very much in favor of Billie Eilish from the first moment and of course today has been one of the celebrities that have been positioned under the posture of the singer’s most listened-to of the world in 2019.

And is that the success of Billie Eilish in his 18 years has been marred in many occasions due to the haters accusing him of being fat or wanted to sexualizar his music, something that she has always avoided with clothes that are very wide.

However, in the last hours has wanted to give a blow on the table to prove to their haters that are going wrong with it.


An intermediate spectacular

In the middle of his concert he wanted to make one of their claims against the sexualization of his body and his music and has been removed from the clothes in a video that has impacted full to all the fans present at the concert.

While removing the clothing you can hear a powerful message: “do You cause my shoulders? What about my chest? Am I my stomach? Are my hips? The body with which I was born, isn’t it that you wanted? If I wear what I am comfortable, I am not a woman. If I remove the layers, I am a whore and, even though you’ve never seen my body, thou judgest and I judge me for it.”

Finally, the last message is a question to his audience when she was already in bra: “My value is based only on your perception or your opinion about me is not my responsibility?”.

The American Airlines Arena of Miami exploded in applause and vitores in favor of the singer after this scenery, which shows once Billie Eilish has something special.