‘Riverdale’ halts the production of the fourth season due to the coronavirus


If yesterday we talked about ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ as the first series that had been affected by the measures against the coronavirus, canceling shoots in Prague, today we see that is not the only one. ‘Riverdale’, a series he was preparing for his fourth season, has stopped production of the same after learning that a member of the team had been in contact with a patient with coronavirus.


For the moment, it is still unknown who within the team have been directly affected, and reported Warner Bros to TVLine, it is a measure of prevention. “We have known that a member of the team had been in contact with a person that was positive in the COVID-19, and is receiving medical attention. We are working with the authorities in Vancouver to identify all who have had contact with the team member, the health of our employees is always the most importantthe production of ‘Riverdale’ is suspended for the time being”.

Safety first

The movie industry is watching very affected by the already declared pandemic coronavirus, as well as many others. If you already saw the delay of several premieres by an economic issue, these cancellations are due to the own safety of the equipmentthat is above the rest. We will have to wait to know until when last these measures and what projects will affect.