¡SHOCKING! Kim Kardashian poses in underwear and popping Instagram


Kim Kardashian it has never been known for being shy or wanting to cover his body, however his fans in Instagram they stayed with the mouth open at the sight of the wife of Kanye West posing in underwear for the platform.

¡SHOCKING! Kim Kardashian poses in underwear and popping Instagram

From the Instagram of Kim Kardashian

In his official account of Instagram, Kim Kardashian he used his statuesque body to make promotion to your favorite brand of underwear to pose with one of their sets color nude and add their “sales pitch” in the publication.

“My favorite collection is available for the first time since its launch: the collection @skims Fits Everybody. Buy now…”.

Although the publication of Kim Kardashian reached 1.7 million likes, some of the nearly 8 thousand comments criticized the sale so brazen, while their fans more loyal the were filled with praise for her fiery figure who left nothing to the imagination.

Kim Kardashian surprised with provocative attire

Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian is one of the queens of Instagram with a total of 162 million followers on the social network, in its most gentlemen who enjoy their publications more “sinful”, but also of some ladies who take the inspiration.

As is usual with the clan of Kardashian – Jenner, Kim enjoys showing off their most extravagant and seductive look on Instagram, where he occasionally leaves his fans in awe when you teach more.

Hours after her provocative photo, in underwear, shared a photo with her sister Kourtney Kardashian both wore entallados attire of leather.

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