Shocking. The photo of Paz Padilla (after days of silence) that shocks to Spain


Paz Padilla

March 13, 2020
(12:42 CET)

Paz Padilla thrills to their followers. The host of Sálvame vovió to work a few days after the death of his mother. The heart of Lola was extinguished, without notice, at least for his followers, as that of cadiz, and his daughter, Anna Ferrer, did not speak at any moment of the delicate state of health of your mother.

Lola was a fundamental pillar in the life of Paz Padilla. It had been at all times your great support. Unfortunately, however, all we need from it some day, but the actress is left with the memory of her in your heart and all your wisdom. A great example for always. Due to the recent loss, Padilla is more vulnerable and sensitive to depending on topics. Currently feel more devotion for older people, and they now are in danger.

Paz Padilla is very concerned about the spread of the coronavirusas all the citizens of the country. Spain is one of the countries with the most affected throughout the European Union. Although by now who takes the cake and has been applied to more drastic measures is Italy. Spain has also taken a series of decisions as to cancel all public events. Events, conferences, fairs, festivals, cinemas, theatres, sporting events, concerts, cultural agenda is paralyzed. As well as colleges and universities that have closed their doors for two weeks and probably, according to the seriousness of the moment, do not return to class until after the holy week.

The Government recommends that you leave the house as little as possible. Only for the truly indispensable. For this reason, some people in these days have finished with the existence of some of the foods in supermarkets. The streets are much more deserted, and so the majority of the population is fulfilling its duty.

The celebrities, who have millions of followers, use your social networks to raise awareness worldwide of the importance of prevention.

“We understand that this is not a battle against a virus but against our customs.
This is an opportunity to transform an emergency into a race of solidarity.
Let’s change the way we see things and think.
No longer is “I am afraid of the contagion” or “it matters not to me the infection”. Now the issue is: I have to take care of the rest.
I worry for you.
I mantego distance for you.
I wash my hands for you.
I renounce a trip for you.
I’m not going to the concert for you.
I’m not going to the mall for you.
For you.
For you, that you are in an intensive care unit.
For you, that you work in a hospital and you can’t put sick.
For you, that you are very old and fragile, but your life is worth as much as mine.
For you, that you’re struggling against a cancer and that you can’t also fight against this.
Please, let’s lift up the view…”

It is the message that has been sent to Paz Padilla next to a photograph where you can see two old people and a few sick people, one of them a girl with cancer. These are the groups most at risk. In the case of catch the coronavirus his life would be in danger.