symptoms of a horror of its work, and other resources to the pandemic


Ovid wrote Remedia Education. On the other hand, love is since the beginning of the disease without the vaccine, what could be the old singer, beaten only by the singing. But as a consolation, during a flu pandemic, in the exegesis of poetics?

Before the film fans to abandon the article, however, I have to admit, the title of this piece is also in the context of the film, with Anne Hathaway, Love and other drugs.

After this dutiful premise, we can proceed.

So, let’s be honest. For journalists and writers living in a historic moment such as this, it is very tempting. Do you remember the charming Jennifer Lawrence Passengersif more ibernata went on a space ship on the way to another world just to be able to write the novel of his life? The point of this is, more or less: tell of a large company.

You can’t deny that the glory of writing something big (at least for me) rose to the second floor these days. Currently 19 (or at least that I know of)are not affected by the COVID-and then I can’t write a diary every day in my quarantine. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Anne Frank house in these hours, although, of course, before I the situations are lapidiate viva, which is comparable.

Only the feeling of helplessness, the custodial sentence is linked. Or maybe the doubt that all this is happening. You say, is surreal. And yet is happening.

I’m just a girl, like so many, working from home, that he only with the excuse of the dog, we can’t do what you did before (art-school music classes) and also with 1-tenth of its objects, preferably, in the house, because she moved to little. And it may only be a small thing, but if the City library invites you to stay at homethe books still have an important thing to, with. Because the psyche may be due to the Coronavirus: it is a little bit of smoke as the passive. Even if you do not have it directly in the body, indirectly you strip it.

But I don’t feel particularly afraid of viruses. Not ipocondriaca (even if my mother disinfected the paws of the dog, if we carry from the walk), and I don’t have a mask, if you take a walk. I don’t like a tv program on the Coronavirus. I stick to the official statements and compliance with the guidelines.

Came on the second day of “detention” in the house, but I began to feel very emotional pain. A lot of pressure. The pressure, who is tied up in a cage, in which you don’t want to stay (and I am not talking of the support of the temporary accommodation in the apartment of my parents…!). There are a lot of web-inside and outside of us. We are bombarded by messages, we will try us with the social network. But at the end of the games, I miss the air.

So we come to the point of “action”. It took a while, it is usually less, but this time it is different.

This time, we have to write all the more time to read and I. This time, it is the case, to show how literature is an expression of reality. And if the reality is less hectic, the read and according to write.

Coincidentally, I read two words of Raffaele Morelli, a psychotherapist, best-known in the Italian panorama, on the Coronavirus. I’m going to, because I have his books, and he has disappointed almost all me never. Morelli calls, in this moment, the sun and be creative. The sun is good, I have the terrace, but if you make a balcony or a window, you like plants, put there in the hottest hours. At the end of the pandemic have to be bad to go, you will have browned, as you would in the Caribbean. Be creative – the doctor – now I have to try with this article, but I have to admit, you jumped a major step.

The step, in the Morelli women calls for. female also in this moment: this is one of the cornerstones of his thinking You are always looking for the femininity. Now, while I Jack from the horror of his work is that it hurts me it me always in times of vacuumand even more so now that the vacuum forced, I have here a shower. Do you think that is the minimum.

But after days of “abbrutimento” from home (and here riecheggio of the workers, a marxist, but only through an Association of ideas with the word), I have it with a lot of rest, which in the rule, because of the routine in my life, are forced. Then I have a connection with my phone on bluetooth speaker from my father that I was hanging on a handle in the bathtub, which of course is much changed – but the effect dangles he was part of the artistic moment), I have my favorite playlists, I have me. a face scrub and a body under the shower I don’t think I a scrub from the last time I wore the costume this summer (for those who don’t know, the scrub is a scrub and clean the skin to make it smooth). I washed with the rest, I depilata, I used the cream for the hair and I waited the whole time in the pose.

While I remember asciugavo of the body, out of the shower, I covered carefully a cream for the body, perfumed it, that Ovid is also another work, written by Medicamina faciei femineaetranslated as “cosmetics”.

You learn as a young women, which measure, store your face and how you have to do is protect the beauty.

Ovid writes, in this small factory. Small, because it gets very little of the original text, as is so often the case in the very old: only 100 numbers. So, protect your beauty.

In the movie Eat Pray Love the Italians are the ones who know, enjoy the “dolce far niente”. Who knows if it is true. Maybe this only applies if we support our habits. You go to the bar for Breakfast, kisses to all and say “hi” to, and why not, they remain stuck like sardines in public transport, while she goes to work. And sometimes it is also nice when next to us there was this kind of fascinating, that we every day at the same time, without knowing of anything in his life, but with the only fantasy so that you can imagine, without us to enter, because then the dream came to an end.

And then weas says Morelli. We are creative. We play around with the shapes us and forms us. Let’s get on with our body: we eat less because we move less. But in the future, because (even if this jump means the rope on the balcony, because in Italy for lunch-still 20 degrees).

And, not to forget the female in you, regardless of your gender: spalmatevi made a cream (maybe), spread over an hour, RUB your, light a scented candle, drink a lot of tea, treat yourself to this time that was given to us, and a little bit cross, a bit of joy for us that we are doing well.

You think that you have forgotten me, the people (at least those who do not impomatano).

Which, they send the video, while you impomatate. I am sure that your creativity comes from the stars! And if you’re gay, impomatatevi, girl. Here phármaka he’s fresh out of the oven Circe for you. A brew made from herbs, the fact of the house strictly, and the fruit of this ancient knowledge, and not written, he is in us.

Protect your beauty.

And in the end, Yes, everything will be fine. Or at least, everything goes as it should go. But, wherever you go, it has done me very well.

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