Taehyung could launch a collaboration with british musician does Without the rest of BTS?

Taehyung seems to want to explore new musical horizons without their mates BTS and I would have chosen the british musician, Blake Richardson only 20 years of age.

Taehyung could launch a collaboration with british musician does Without the rest of BTS?

Taehyung and Blake Richardson could throw collaboration together

Blake Richardson he is a member of New Hope Club, band originally from England who made his debut in 2015 and rose to fame thanks to the success of the covers that have made bands like One Direction and The Vamps.

Rumors of the collaboration between Taehyung of BTS and Blake Richardson of New Hope Club, began when Richardson etiqueto the idol in a Tweet where she wrote: “V let’s write some songs”.

In response, Taehyung wrote: “Very well, let me know when”, so that we understand that the idol is more than willing to collaborate with the british musician, without even the rest of BTS.

What say the ARMY?

Although the collaboration between Taehyung – known by her stage name V – and Blake Richardson would not include other boys of BTS, or at least so it seems, the ARMY is excited about the possibility of a song created by both.

In social networks, the ARMY also responded to the invitation of Blake Richardson to ask Taehyung that you accept, and you mentioned how much you are excited to see you work together.

The ARMY has also made several publications in which they compare the musical style of both and the potential of listening to awesome music composed by Taehyung and Blake Richardson, from whom some members of the fandom of BTS have declared themselves fans.

The collaboration has not been confirmed but the ARMY has not ruled out that soon we see some surprise on the part of Taehyung.

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