Terelu Campos prayed to not leave this trio of bed! Filtering it all!



12 of march 2020
(12:57 CET)

María Teresa Campos has finally been freed of the clutter of Edmundo Arrocet. I needed to be able to turn the page. You are the soul fell when he saw the objects of the chilean one, although it was also a little for the disorder. After several months with a lot of pain, it seems that the journalist begins to raise its head and slowly turns to a smile. All thanks to the support of his family and friends.

Emilio Javier Gómez and María Teresa Campos During the last few weeks much has been made of the meeting of Maria Teresa Campos with Emilio Javier Gómez Plaza. Some magazines, like Today’s Heart, have already pulled out in front of the photographs of their meeting. Both were to eat and the malagueña was able to remove his sorrows. After they said goodbye with a kiss on the cheek. Perhaps you are negotiating a collaboration or to be a talk of good friends. What if Emilio would be the new illusion of Maria Theresa?

The name of Emilio Javier Gómez Plaza going to ring a lot during these next few weeks. Is a journalist at Intereconomía, has three children, and a hard fan of Real Madrid. You know Mary Teresa Fields from decades ago. Both are very good friends and has always been a great support for her.

Although Maria Teresa Campos recognizes that what is going very wrong after the break with Edmund and that this is not forgotten from the night to the morning, is open to meet new people and have a good time. For this reason it has become to do with his great friend. Someone who has a philosophy very similar to that of the humorist: “be well and be happy.”

It was he himself who gave to know through your profile on Instagram this beautiful relationship. “Emilio Javier sees María Teresa Campos happy and fabulous” and that one of his followers, Ana Francisco, responds: “nice couple”. Days after they were caught eating in a Madrid restaurant while sharing confidences.

Tuesday, march 3, was a day very inteso to the journalist. The communicator returned to Telecinco for one more day. In this case, to celebrate 30 years of the chain. In the morning visited The program of Ana Rosa and in the afternoon Save me, where she was asked about her new love. She denies that there is something between you two, just get along well and are friends from a long time ago. However, he admits that he would prefer to say that it is your partner to re-call “horned” by Edmundo Arrocet, a topic that is very sick.

“I didn’t want to say anything when I have been asked that he had a new illusion or a special friendship, when in reality I have not got it, because I’m sick of that call me horned”said without be able to avoid the tears.

After this busy day, Maria Teresa Campos turned to face Emilio Javier. Lately are very united, and is still a very important support. His daughters are very happy by seeing her smile and see that you are distracted with good friends. Was eating dinner at a restaurant of the capital accompanied by the journalist and a few friends.

Is my friend only and exclusively”, has turned to repeat this Tuesday, February 3, at the exit of the restaurant where they all enjoyed the nice evening.

The media cannot stop talking about Emilio, even though Mary Teresa Fields says that between them there is nothing nor will be nothing. The journalist has a reputation as a seducer is born, an authentic charmer on the beach. Although it must be said in their favor that it is long-lasting relationships. Divorced and reconciled with his wife Embodies. Both get along very well thanks to their three daughters, who after a divorce did not stop until re-raise, although he had other relationships in between.

It is said that it Embodies would be living in the same chalet that Emilio Javier. It is unknown if they maintain the relationship or they are just flat mates. What is clear is that Emilio makes it his life separately. What you seem to be this Mary Teresa Fields?