Terrible. And is Adara Miller. Hid this to Gianmarco and you just know


Adara and Gianmarco

March 13, 2020
(10:30 CET)

Adara Molinero became the star revelation of Telecinco after participating in the GH VIP 7. The young woman managed to rise with the precious briefcase of 100,000 euros, thanks to the support of the spectators, however, are now realized that it was a big mistake after all that are discovering it. The pair of Gianmarco has started with your channel in Mtmad, where is very active, and is starring in big exclusive. In his latest video he has touched to talk about his brother Aitor Miller.

This week, his followers have questioned the relationship of Adara with his brother, who seems to keep their distance. He has never wanted to talk with the media. “Not speak”, “Are fatal”were some of the rumors that spread through the networks.

Adara Miller and his brother Aitor“Sometimes I think that I am opening up too much of my heart and that I am exposing a lot of” he expressed only a few hours in your last video Mtmad. “We’ve had discussions as any brother. It all started from years ago, and since then, we have not become to be in relationship with. One thing leads to another until a long time passes and you don’t know where to take him”, he explains about his relationship with Aitor Miller.

The tears flowed from the eyes of Adara. To the young we would like to solve the problem. “With my son just to have a relationship, but with Gianmarco yes. The other day we were out to dinner and did not stop laughing at”, account. This video is a call to make peace with his brother.

Adara has also taken the opportunity to throw a hint to his mother Helena, who is now a contestant on Survivor. “My mother has to respect that we are not on good terms. Things cannot be forced, it has to respect that we are as well and the things they will pick up your pace when you leave all alone”confesses.