The boyfriend of Dayami La Musa it is recorded in the bathroom while he sings “Seagull”, Coffee with Scent of a Woman

The cuban singer of urban music Dayamí “The Muse” Lamb is a big fan of the famous columbian telenovela Coffee with Aroma of Woman.

The young man has been captured by her boyfriend, the deejay cuban Yandywhen he sang in a loud voice to the main song of the series tv, Seagullwhile it was a shower in the bathroom.

The time was recorded by Yandy in a video that went up to their stories of Instagram and that the own of the reggaeton you have shared on your profile.

Coffee with Aroma of Woman, is one of the soap operas that have marked the citizens of the caribbean nation and that it is still remembered with affection and nostalgia, both for its plot as for its catchy soundtrack that included topics such as Between two fires, Bad love, they will Return The Dark Swallows and the own Seagullin honor of its main character.

In the mid-90’s there were many families that looked forward to a new chapter of the series colombian to be able to live first-hand the difficult and suffered the romance of its protagonists Gull (Margarita Rosa de Francisco) and Sebastian (Guy Ecker).

Sebastían, the son of a powerful family, and Seagull, a collection of coffee from descent poor, they had to overcome thousands of obstacles to be able to be together, a story of love that was forever marked in the hearts of cubans and, in particular, in the Dayamí The Muse.

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